COE - For VT Employees - What qualifies as Personal Data?


This article was written by the College of Engineering. Check with your department if you are unsure if these constraints apply to you. 

If you are not an employee, you do not need to remove personal data from Google Drive / OneDrive.


Why do you need to remove personal data?

Employees should remove 'Personal Data/Personal Files' from their VT Google and Microsoft storage. The primary reasons for this:

  • Storage Limitations will be enforced. (See Details)
  • Your department will have to begin paying for storage used over each user's allotted limit.
  • Non-work-related files may violate University policy 7000.  

What qualifies as personal data?

All documents, photos, images, videos, music, or other files that are not strictly for use for university business in your current position at Virginia Tech. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Photos and videos of family, pets, etc.
  • Everything in Google Photos that is not specifically a photo for use in your Virginia Tech job.
  • Any financial documents, taxes, or other files that include personal financial information, social security numbers, passports, or any other information needing to be kept secure, even if you previously needed it to submit to the university/HR.
  • Any personal written work, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. that are not related to your job at Virginia Tech.
  • Coursework from classes you were a student in at Virginia Tech or any university. *

Data from Former Jobs at Virginia Tech

While not strictly personal data, files from your former jobs at Virginia Tech should also be removed from your VT storage. The reason for this is that storage overages will have to be funded by your current department. You can arrange with your former department(s) to see if they would like a copy of the files before removing them. 

*Note: If you are currently employed as an instructor at Virginia Tech, files for courses you teach would not be considered personal data