Choose Where to Store Personal Files / Data (Cloud Providers and Drives)


Purpose: Because Virginia Tech Google My Drive and Microsoft OneDrive storage will be limited, and personal files should be removed, you will need an alternative location to store personal data that is greater than the file storage limits for those services.

Objective: After this tutorial you should be able to choose where to store your personal files outside of Virginia Tech services.



Before removing your personal files from your VT Google 'My Drive' and VT Microsoft OneDrive, you'll need to choose where you want to store those files. If you already have a large hard drive at home, a non-VT Google, Microsoft or Apple account, or other cloud storage account you can use that. Here are a few options:

You can get a free Google account with 15GB of storage that is not associated with Virginia Tech where you can use all the same tools you are used to. If you have an android phone that is already syncing with Google, this may be an excellent option or Create a New Google Account.

Apple iCloud
You can get a free Apple iCloud account with 5GB of storage that is not associated with Virginia Tech. If you use an iPhone that is already syncing with iCloud this may be a good option. Plans with more storage are available for a fee. Create a new Apple ID for Free iCloud or use your existing apple account.

Microsoft OneDrive
Free Microsoft OneDrive or if you own Microsoft Office 365 Personal license. Use an existing account or Create a new OneDrive account for free. Virginia Tech employees may be eligible for Discounts on Microsoft Office/Onedrive Products.

External Hard Drive
Online Cloud storage may not be right for everyone, especially if you do not want the hassle of billing over a certain storage limit. You can always choose to store files on your own computer or buy an additional hard drive for storing your files. As of this writing you can get a 5TB external spinning hard drive for around $100, or a 2TB external SSD drive for around $120-150, an order of magnitude larger than free online offerings.


There are many other online storage and services out there. Some of them may not meet Virginia Tech security requirements but that does not mean they won’t work for your personal data if it is not sensitive.