How to Enable or Disable Pop-Up Blockers in Common Web Browsers


Many websites use pop-up windows. Some pop-ups can be useful, but others frustrate users, which is why the option to block pop-ups exists.

Example: There may be cases where you have disabled pop-ups because of an intrusive behavior such as large advertisements taking over your screen on some website, but then you lose functionality in a legitimate website such as, which uses popups for necessary functionality to the product.

Below are instructions on how to enable and disable pop-ups as needed:

Due to frequent browser updates and changes, this article will link to instructions from the companies that create the web browsers, to show how to enable or disable blocking of pop-ups. The pages generally explain how to both Enable AND Disable Pop-ups.


Mozilla Firefox: Pop-up blocker settings

Google Chrome (On Computers and Phones): Block or allow pop-ups

Microsoft Edge: Block or allow pop-ups

Safari on Mac: Allow or block pop-ups

Safari on iOS: Block (and allow) pop-ups