Understanding Error Messages for a Read Only Shared Drive


VT Google Workspace shared drives have storage quotas established by a department. If the total storage exceeds that quota, the shared drive will become read only. Below are some of the error messages you can expect when your drive is read only, and what you can do about it.


If your shared drive has exceeded its quota and become read only, 

  • Check the storage quota for the shared drive. If it is 0 GB, then your drive may not be claimed by a department or have had a storage allotment applied to it. Contact your OU Admin or IT Personnel to determine the appropriate course of action. 
  • Work with the other collaborators on the drive to delete unneeded files or export them to a different location
  • Work with your department to increase your storage quota

Here are some of the errors you might encounter if your drive becomes read only.

Google Shared Drive Read-Only Messages

  • When you access the shared drive, you might see this warning.
  • When you check the storage of the drive, it will look similar to the image below.

  • If you are in a Google native file and make a change, you might see these error messages.

  • If you attempt to create a new Google document, you might see this error.
  • If you attempt to upload a file, you might see these errors.