Emergency Calling with Zoom Phone


What VT users should know

Virginia Tech uses Zoom Phone to connect the VT community to the outside world. Zoom Phone can be used from anywhere with internet access in multiple ways: by desktop app, smartphone app, and physical deskphone.

Zoom Phone uses E911 for emergency calls. When making an E911 call, the appropriate 911 center (Public Safety Answering Point) receives your location information and will direct responders to you. When calling from a wired/wireless VT network location on Zoom Phone, your Emergency Address (as defined below) will be automatically identified and relayed to 911 dispatchers.

E911 enables Zoom to assist in determining your location and is only used for responding to emergency calls. If this feature is enabled by your admin, you may see an email or desktop client notification asking you to enable location sharing. This is so first responders can better respond to your emergency calls and properly determine your location. After you enable location permission, you may also need to add or update your default emergency address.

How your Emergency Address is determined for 911 calls

When you are on the Virginia Tech network:

  • The phone’s location is determined by the network port it is attached to. 
  • This data is maintained by VT. 

When you are on an external network:

  • Zoom will report the emergency address the user has entered into the VT Zoom Web portal. 
  • If the location cannot be determined, then Zoom will send the call to the national 911 call center.


What VT users should do

Verify the default 911 location when connecting on campus:

Set up your emergency address when connecting off campus:

Where to find more information


Please log into the 4help portal (top right) to view the specific user guides.