Tips for using outlook

Here are some additional items that you might encounter while you become familiar with Outlook.

Exchange needs some training for its junk mail handling. You will need to mark stuff as Not Spam when its falsely dropped into Junk Mail folder and Span when it's dropped into your Inbox. Over time this info builds up and Exchange Online will learn how to handle your mail.

Stopping Email from Going to Spam

Self-reporting Spam and Phishes

Looking at customized simple display settings.  The Inbox defaults to Focused mode. This can cause confusion.  Focused Inbox can be turned off by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings (Gear icon).
  2. Go to Mail in the left navigation.
  3. Go to Layout.
  4. At the top is the Focused Inbox section. You can turn off Focused Inbox by selecting "Don't sort my messages".
  5. Take a moment to review the other customizations to see if you like them.

Time Zones.  If an individual reports seeing oddities with email time stamps, it's probably from OL/OWA setting their time zone in an unexpected manner.  To check and set your time zone:

  1. Go into Settings (Gear icon).
  2. Search for Time Zone.
  3. Select Time Zones.
  4. Check and set your time zone on the right.