Welcome Back to Campus: Tips for an easy return to campus


Welcomes You Back to Campus!

Answers to your computing questions are available at 4Help.vt.edu, 24 hours.

If you do not have internet access call 4Help at 540-231-4357.

Tips for an easy return to campus this fall:


Resetting VT Username (PID) Passphrase:  Changing or Resetting My Password

Resetting VT Hokies ID (PID) Passphrase: Hokies Password Reset

  • Suppressing Student Account information will replace Hokies ID (but not PID) with AnonID
  • Hokies ID is used to sign in to Office, Outlook, Exchange Mail
  • PID is used to sign in to Google Mail, Canvas, onecampus.vt.edu, and most VT-related sites
  • When resetting the PID passphrase users can choose to unify PID and Hokies passphrases


Connecting to the Internet:

Join the “eduroam” wireless network with your VT email (PID@vt.edu) and your network password. Your network password consists of 16 characters and three dashes: (UYWO-IOON-DICL-QWAZ). Enter the entire passphrase, including dashes but careful to avoid a blank space at the end.


Finding your Network Password:

  • Go to onecampus.vt.edu and search for “Manage Accounts”. Sign in with your VT Username and            password/passphrase.
  • Under “Network Access” click “Network Password” to view your network password or generate a new one.


Two-Factor Authentication:

4Help recommends enrolling a second two-factor authentication device with Duo Mobile in case your primary device fails. If your primary device is temporarily lost, broken, fails, or is left at home, call 4Help at 540-231-4357 for assistance. If you do not have a smart device to enroll, consider purchasing a security token from Software Distribution or Hokie Centric.

One-time use passcodes can be printed at any time for access to your account. 

Print One-Time Use Passcodes:

  • Go to onecampus.vt.edu Search for “Manage Accounts”.
  • Sign in with your VT Username and password/ passphrase
  • Under “2-Factor Account” click on “Print Passcodes”
  • Click “Generate” to print your backup codes. These ten codes are one-time use codes.


Software for Students

Microsoft Office: Once you’ve accepted your license agreement, follow these instructions for installation:

  • Go to https://network.software.vt.edu/
  • Sign in with your VT Username and your passphrase
  • Click on “Microsoft Office Software”.
  • Select “Microsoft Office 365 Students” Read and accept the terms.
  • Click on “Installation Instruction” and follow the provided instructions.
  • Alternatively, users can sign in to my.office365.vt.edu with their Hokies ID and passphrase and click "Install Apps" at the top right.


Additional Software: 

  • Major-specific software will be billed the same as tuition and can be signed for beginning the week of move-in.
  • For additional information on any software needs please visit https://itpals.vt.edu/.


NEW this Fall: 

Google Service Changes at Virginia Tech: https://it.vt.edu/projects/google-changes.html

TikTok, WeChat apps no longer permitted on university networks or devices: https://it.vt.edu/projects/google-changes.html