Recommending a Course of Action to Your Organizational Unit Admin for Your Shared Drives


Due to the recent changes the university has implemented as a response to Google changing their license model, Google shared drives must be associated with a department. If you are a manager of a shared drive and your department has an organizational unit (OU) within Hokies Active Directory, you can recommend a course of action for the shared drive.



If a department wants to change the manager of a shared drive, they must work with an existing manager to make these changes. If the current manager is not active or if some form of administrative action is being taken that would prevent the department from working directly with them, then the department should submit an incident ticket to 4Help.

As part of the Google Workspace storage cleanup efforts, employees and student workers who are managers of shared drives and members of a managed Active Directory Organization Unit (OU) can use MyCAT to recommend to their departments a course of action for their shared drive content.  To make a recommendation,

  1. Navigate to OneCampus.
  2. If the page appears dark with text overlaid, click the page to dismiss the overlaid text.
  3. If any OneCampus announcements pop-up, after reading the text, click the appropriate button to dismiss the pop-up.
  4. To the right of the OneCampus logo, in the What would you like to do? search box, type: mycat.
  5. Press the Enter or Return key.
  6. Click MyCAT.
  7. Log in with your Hokies ID (which is the same as your VT Username (PID)) and Hokies ID passphrase.
  8. Scroll down and expand the Google section.
  9. Expand the Shared Drives section.
  10. Select "Manager" in the Role dropdown. 
  11. For each shared drive that shows in the filtered list, select the Recommend button beside the drive. If you are a manager of a shared drive but you do not see a Recommend button, then our records do not have you listed as being a member of a managed Hokies OU.  Please check with your local departmental IT to determine if you can be added or if your department needs to submit a request to have a Hokies OU created at Organizational Units in Hokies Active Directory (
  12. Pick one of the following options.
    • Keep: recommend that the content remain in Google Workspace
    • Migrate: recommend that the content be moved to SharePoint Online
    • Remove: recommend that the content be removed from Google Workspace with the data either being archived to another approved location or deleted
    • Undecided: you are uncertain as to what should be done with the content
    • Not Owner: you are not a manager of the shared drive
  13. Recommendations will be shared with the OU admins for each department.