Understanding Microsoft Unified Enterprise Support (UES)


Microsoft’s Unified Enterprise Support (UES) is a comprehensive set of support services provided by Virginia Tech to Organizational Unit (OU) administrators. Its intent is to support your implementation of Microsoft cloud services at Virginia Tech within any stage of the information technology (IT) lifecycle.



The university is providing this service with the following benefits.

  • Central Service Hub (The entry point for this service)
  • Self-service tools
  • Self-paced training through their Learning Library
    • OU admins can grant access to the Learning Library to others in their organization
  • Ticket submission
  • Technical support for system outages or configuration errors
  • Advisory support for remote assistance with configuration, setup, and basic “how to” scenarios
  • Critical situations support where customers will receive 15-minute critical response time for Azure and a 1-hour response time for all other products

Here are some resources from Microsoft’s Resource Center to get you started:


If you are an OU admin and are having trouble accessing the service, please submit a ticket to 4Help. Other users, please contact your OU admin.