Video Content Management - Adding Videos to My Media (for Students)


Kaltura is the cloud-based video management system behind My Media and Media Gallery, which are Canvas LTI tools. Note that:

  • Kaltura appears in some places in My Media and Media Gallery and in the company's documentation and user guides.
  • Course Gallery is how you access Media Gallery in Canvas. 

The Kaltura Video App for Canvas User Guide has full instructions on using My Media and Media Gallery. The instructions here are specific to Virginia Tech. To see other Kaltura topics, please click on the guide for your role:



Recording Options for Kaltura

  1. Go to My Media on the Global Navigation Menu in Canvas
  2. Click Add New and then click:
    • Media Upload to upload a video from your computer.
    • Express Capture to record yourself (requires Adobe Flash).
    • YouTube to link a video from YouTube to My Media (requires video URL).
    • Kaltura Capture to download Kaltura’s recording software and use that to make a video.
    • Video Quiz to make a quiz video (described in the Making Video Quizzes section below).

Express Capture, Media Upload, and Kaltura Capture are described in this section. 

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Recording and Adding Webcam Videos

  1. In My Media, click Add New -> Express Capture.
    Image of the above instructions
  2. The webcam recorder will open. Click the red button to start recording.
    Image of the above instructions
  3. Click the stop button to stop recording.
    Image of the above instructions
  4. Click Use This. The video will be uploaded. 
    Image of the above instructions
  5. Add video details. You must enter a video name and description. Scroll down and click Save

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Uploading a Video from Your Computer

  1. In My Media, click Add New -> Media Upload.
  2. Click Choose a file to upload or drag and drop a file into the box.
  3. Browse for the video on your computer and click Open.
  4. The video will begin uploading and you’ll see a status bar.
  5. When the video is finished uploading, on the Upload Media page, you:
    • MUST enter a Description to be able to publish the video.
    • CAN change the video Name and other details.
  6. Scroll down and click Save.
  7. Go back to My Media by clicking it on the Course Navigation Menu or by clicking Go To My Media next to the save button. 

Re-uploading Videos

  1. In My Media, navigate to the video you want to replace. 
    2. To the right of the video, click the pencil icon to edit it. 
    3. On the Edit page, click Replace Video
    4. Click Choose a file to upload and navigate to the video file on your computer. 
  2. Wait for the video to upload and be processed by Kaltura. 

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Creating a Video with Kaltura Capture Desktop Software

Kaltura is the software company behind My Media and Media Gallery. The Kaltura Capture desktop software is only available to licensed Kaltura users. You can only download it while logged in to My Media.

  1. Log into Canvas. In any course, click My Media.
  2. In My Media click Add New -> Kaltura Capture (if you already have Kaltura Capture, it will launch on your computer).
    Image of the above instructions
    • If you haven't downloaded and installed the Kaltura Capture desktop software, it will prompt you to do so. Choose the Windows of Mac version.
    • The software will be download to your computer. Save the file, then double click it to start the Kaltura Capture Setup Wizard to install it. 
  3. See Kaltura's instructions on using Kaltura Capture to record and edit:

Videos recorded with Kaltura Capture are automatically uploaded to My Media. To find the version saved on your computer, go to: 

  • MAC - /Users/{Local Computer USERNAME}/Library/Preferences/Kaltura
  • PC - C:\Users\{Local Computer USERNAME}\AppData\Local\Kaltura

About Kaltura Personal Capture
Video by Kaltura

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Getting Help

For instructions on resolving common issues with Kaltura, please click on the guide for your role: 

If you need help with My MediaMedia Gallery, or Kaltura in general: 

If you still have questions: 

  • For Kaltura in Canvas or at, go to the 4Help Portal, log in, and click Get Help. Specify where you are having the issue and include the video name, ID, and/or URL if applicable.
  • For questions about intellectual property, contact your department chair or the University Council

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