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Kaltura is the cloud-based video management system behind My Media and Media Gallery, which are Canvas LTI tools. Note that:

  • Kaltura appears in some places in My Media and Media Gallery and in the company's documentation and user guides.
  • Course Gallery is how you access Media Gallery in Canvas. 

The Kaltura Video App for Canvas User Guide has full instructions on using My Media and Media Gallery. The instructions here are specific to Virginia Tech. To see other Kaltura topics, please click on the guide for your role:

This article discusses how to caption videos using Kaltura.



About Captioning


  • Captions can only be ordered for videos Virginia Tech users added to My Media and Media Gallery themselves. 
  • Video owners and co-editors can order and edit captions.

Machine (Automatic Speech Recognition) Captions

For all videos uploaded to My Media, machine captions are generated using automatic speech recognition (ASR) software and are 70-90% accurate.

Machine captions are free for all Virginia Tech affiliates’ media. They take about 30 minutes to generate, but the exact processing time depends on video length and number of captioning requests. Captions can be edited for accuracy in My Media or Media Gallery

  • All Zoom cloud recordings copied to My Media have automatic machine captions as of December 21, 2020.
  • To learn more, see Post Production Captioning.

Professional (Human) Captions

Professional captions are human-generated and are 99% accurate.

Central funds are available for professional captioning of instructional materials for (1) students with a documented need, (2) for videos that will be used for multiple semesters, and (3) videos less than 45 minutes in length. Centrally-funded professional captioning requests must be approved by the Accessible Technologies group in Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies. Approval takes one business day. After approval, professional captions are produced in five business days or fewer.

Professional captions can also be purchased by departments at the following rates. Turnaround times begin after TLOS and the department exchange purchasing information:

  • $1.10/minute - best-effort turnaround (5 business days or fewer)
  • $1.21/minute - 48 hour turnaround
  • $1.37/minute - 24 hour turnaround

Order captions using the Professional Captions Request Form.

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Ordering Machine or Professional Captions

Starting Dec. 21, 2020, all Zoom cloud recordings, which are automatically copied to My Media, will have machine (automatic speech recognition) captions. See Editing Captions or Hiding Captions if you want to edit or turn them off. 

  1. In My Media or Media Gallery, browse for the media entry and click the video thumbnail or title.
  2. From the Actions drop-down, click +Caption & Enrich.

    Video actions

  3. Scroll down to Order Captions & Enrichment Services. Select Machine or Professional.

    Machine captions order form

  4. After you submit the request, a pop-up will say that your request has been received. 

    Confirmation message

  5. Check caption order status under Existing Requests

    Caption status
  6. You will receive an email when your captions are ready.
  7. If captioning failed, you can re-request captions.

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Editing Captions

Machine captions are generated with automatic speech recognition software and are 70-90% accurate. Video owners and co-publishers can edit captions in Kaltura's captioning editing tool.

  • Video owners and co-editors can order and edit captions. Owners can delegate ordering and editing captions by adding collaborators to their media. 
  • See also Hiding captions.
  1. In My Media or Media Gallery, browse to the media entry and click the video thumbnail or title.
  2. From the Actions drop-down, click +Caption & Enrich. You'll see a list of captions for that video under Existing Requests
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the caption file you want to edit. The Closed Captions Editor will open. 

    Existing requests

  4. The Closed Captions Editor has:
    • The video on the right.
    • The caption edit box on the left.
    • Add speaker and search captions at the top.

      Closed captions editor
  5. To edit captions and timing, hover over the caption then click on one of the text boxes.
    1. Start time.
    2. End time.
    3. Edit caption.
    4. Add new caption.
    5. Delete caption.

      Closed caption editor
  6. Click Save to publish the edited captions and sync them with the video.

    Closed captions editor
  7. Refresh My Media, play the video, and check your work. 

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Hiding Captions

if a video has captions but you don't want them to show, you can hide them. 

  1. Go to a video My Media or Media Gallery and click the Edit (pencil) icon. 
  2. Click the Captions tab. 
  3. Next to the captions file, click the Don't Show On Player (video player) icon. Changes are saved automatically.

    Image of above instructions

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Downloading Captions

Captions exist in a separate SRT file and don't automatically download/upload with the associated video.

  • To play a video with captions on your computer, download the captions file and put it in the same folder as the video. Most video players will recognize and include the captions.
  • To upload a video and captions to a platform like YouTube, download the captions then follow the platform's instructions.

To download captions: 

  1. Go to a video My Media or Media Gallery and click the Edit (pencil) icon. 
  2. Click the Captions tab. 
  3. Next to the captions file, click the download icon.
    Image of the above instructions
  4. To play the video and captions on your computer, put the captions file in the same folder as the video. 
  5. To upload the captions to a video hosting platform, follow the platform's instructions. YouTube's instructions are here: Add subtitles and captions.  

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Viewing, Searching, and Downloading Transcripts

  • Captions appear on screen and are synced with the video.
  • Transcripts have the same words, but in a separate, searchable document. 
  1. From My Media or Media Gallery, click a video thumbnail or title to go to the video.
  2. Click play to start your video.
  3. You will now see the Show Transcript button in the upper right hand corner of the video player. Click on the button to open your transcript.
    Show transcript under video
  4. Search your transcripts by entering a key term in the Search in Transcript box to find where in the video the term appears.
    Image of the above instructions
  5. To download your transcripts, click on the three dots.
    Image of the above instructions
  6. Then click Download transcript and save the transcript to your computer.
    Image of the above instructions

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Getting Help

For instructions on resolving common issues with Kaltura, please click on the guide for your role: 

If you need help with My MediaMedia Gallery, or Kaltura in general: 

If you still have questions: 

  • For Kaltura in Canvas or at, go to the 4Help Portal, log in, and click Get Help. Specify where you are having the issue and include the video name, ID, and/or URL if applicable.
  • For questions about intellectual property, contact your department chair or the University Council

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