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Gradescope is an automated grading and feedback platform that is integrated with Canvas as an LTI tool. This tool offers flexible options for grading paper-based, digital, and bubble sheet quizzes, exams, and assignments. While Gradescope is especially well suited for STEM classes, it can be used to grade assignments from any discipline. Virginia Tech has secured a multiyear enterprise contract for Gradescope. It is currently available for use in all Canvas courses.

Gradescope has the potential to:

  • Reduce/eliminate the need for manual machine scoring using bubble sheets. 
  • Increase efficiency/consistency of grading by aligning multiple graders with instructor-created rubrics to standardize efforts and reduce implicit biases when grading a large enrollment course.
  • Be used for quizzes, tests, homework and/or other types of assignments.
  • Allow faculty to gain a better understanding of student performance by analyzing questions after grading.

For a quick introduction to Gradescope, watch the video: What is Gradescope?



Gradescope Features

Grading Features

  • Multiple Graders - Multiple graders can grade the same assignment or question on Gradescope in parallel without overlapping. Gradescope automatically splits up the work among the graders for you.
  • Annotations - Similar to Canvas’s Speedgrader with text and commenting fields, but adds the ability to tie in rubric items and scores.
  • Rubrics - Allow you to grade quickly and consistently, applying the same set of feedback to every submission. Rubric features include:
  • Anonymous Grading
    • After the setting is enabled, the Student names and email addresses are replaced with a randomized alpha-numeric identifier that only the Teacher and TA can see.
    • For instructor-uploaded assignments with anonymous grading enabled Gradescope recommends:
      • Only enabling anonymous grading for instructor-uploaded assignments after all the scans have been uploaded and matched to students. Alternatively, instructors can disable anonymous grading after grading is completed and finish matching any unassigned submissions.
      • Instructors should only include an ID region and not a name region on exams.

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Logging into Gradescope

To access Gradescope in Canvas:

  1. Log into Canvas and go to your course.
  2. In the Course Navigation Menu of your course, click Gradescope to launch it in Canvas.

To access Gradescope outside of Canvas:

  1. Go to the Gradescope website.
  2. Click on Virginia Tech Username from the list of schools.
  3. Log in with your Virginia Tech username and passphrase.
  4. You can now select an existing course or create a new Gradescope course to build content to link in Canvas.

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Setting up Gradescope in Canvas

Linking Gradescope Courses with Canvas

The first time you click on Gradescope in a Canvas site, you will be asked to link a Gradescope course with your Canvas course.

  1. Log into Canvas and go to your course.
  2. In the Course Navigation Menu of your course, click Gradescope to launch it in Canvas.
  3. Choose to link a new Gradescope course and click Link Course
    • If you have an existing course you'd like to use, you may select this option instead of creating a new course.

      Image of the above instructions.

  4. On the Course Settings page, update the course title, description, rubric types, and score bounds and click Update Course.

 Detailed instructions for linking your course with Gradescope.

Syncing Student Rosters

Students are automatically added to Gradescope if they click on any Gradescope or Gradescope assignment link in Canvas.

  1. Go to your Gradescope Course Dashboard by clicking on Gradescope in your course navigation menu on Canvas.

    Image of the above instructions.

  2. Click Roster in the left sidebar.

    Image of the above instructions.

  3. Click More in the navigation menu at the bottom of the Roster and click Sync Canvas Roster.

    Image of the above instructions.

  4. Uncheck the email notification box if you don't want to send notifications to new users and click Sync Roster.

    Image of the above instructions.

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to sync your roster if students add/drop from your course in Canvas.

Detailed instructions for syncing your roster.

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Creating Assignments

Assignment Types

Creating and Linking Assignments

  • Link your assignments before publishing if submissions are student-uploaded.
  • Link your assignments when you're ready to publish grades in Canvas if submissions are instructor-uploaded, otherwise students could receive an error message.
  1. In your Canvas course site, click Assignments in the course navigation menu.
  2. Click on the dotted drop-down menu next to +Assignment and click on Gradescope to open the workflow in Canvas.

    Image of the above instructions.

  3. Under LINK WITH, choose A new Gradescope Assignment or An existing Gradescope Assignment and locate the assignment from the drop down field. Click Link Assignment.

    Image of the above instructions.

  4. For new assignments, choose an Assignment Type and click Next.
  5. Fill out the Assignment Settings such as the assignment name, template, due dates, etc., and click Create Assignment.

    Image of the above instructions.

  6. You should see your assignment in Canvas. Click on the assignment title to open it.
  7. Click on Edit Assignment Settings to assign the total point value in Canvas along with any other assignment settings. After changes are made, click Save.

    Image of the above instructions.

  8. You should see the Gradescope workflow again. Edit the outline by adding in the questions and their point values- see Creating an Outline for detailed instructions and examples. Make sure to click Save Outline when you're done.

    Image of the above instructions.

  9. Publish your assignment so that students can access them in Canvas (for student-uploaded assignments).


  • Set Gradescope assignment to open in new tab to maximize usable working space in Gradescope.
  • Set dates in Gradescope AND Canvas. Dates set on Gradescope are not automatically synced to the Canvas assignment. 
  • For instructor-uploaded assignments, wait to publish the Canvas assignment so that students don't try to access them and receive error messages.
  • You can also create your assignments in Gradescope and then link them to Canvas later.

Detailed instructions on creating and linking assignments.

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Managing Submissions

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Grading Submissions

  1. Navigate to your course in Canvas and click Gradescope in the left sidebar. Click your assignment to launch it.
    • Alternatively, if you created a direct link to this Gradescope assignment, you can click that on your Assignment's page in Canvas.
  2. Click Grade Submissions in the left sidebar of Gradescope to start grading.
    • The process for grading is the same for Canvas and non-Canvas Gradescope users. For help, see Grading Submissions.

      Image of the above instructions.

  3. Once you've finished grading, see posting grades.

*Please note that if you regrade assignments in Gradescope, you will also need to follow the steps to re-post the grades for changes too take effect in the Canvas gradebook.

Additional videos on grading:

Posting Grades

Before you post grades, it is best practice to sync your roster beforehand in case there are enrollment changes in your Canvas course.

  1. In the Gradescope Dashboard, open the assignment and click Review Grades.

    Image of the above instructions.

  2. On the Review Grades page, click the Post Grades to Canvas button.

    Image of the above instructions.

  3. A dialog box will appear explaining how grades will be pushed from Gradescope to Canvas. In the dialog box, click Post Grades.

    Image of the above instructions.

Other Posting Grades features:

  • Click the Publish Grades button if you want students to see their graded, annotated submissions, question-by-question scores, rubrics, and feedback on Gradescope.
  • Click the Compose Email to Students button at the bottom of the Review Grades page in Gradescope to alert students via email that their grades are now visible.

Additional videos on posting grades:

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Student Resources

For a quick student overview, watch the Gradescope Student Workflow video.

The Student Guide covers how to:

For upload issues, see Troubleshooting Submission Upload Issues for troubleshooting tips or contact for help.

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Getting Help

To get help with Gradescope:


Register for a Gradescope PDN workshop (eligible for PDN credit): Get started using Gradescope in Canvas.


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