Setting Up LibCal Account for Library Consultations


LibCal is an online platform used by the University Libraries for event management, space and equipment booking, and consultation scheduling. This article helps explain the three most common concerns related to someone using LibCal Appointments system to schedule consultations.


If you need to see a list of all the existing consultation topics in our system, they can be found in the LibCal Consultation Topics Full List.

If you want to be added to an existing consultation topic in LibCal, please complete the LibCal Consultation Groups form.

If you would like to have a new consultation topic added to the system, please use the Request New Consultation Topic form.

If you want to have your LibCal account sync with your Google Calendar, send an email to Jonathan Bradley ( directly and he will respond with information and instructions for setup.

To get to the consultation bookings, follow the below links:

Patron access:

Employee access:

Setting Up Google Calendar Sync for LibCal Consultations


Updating and Creating Availability for LibCal Consultations


Editing Preferences and Communications for LibCal Consultations