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Canvas can be extended by integrating external tools. Software companies, textbook publishers, and training websites all make Canvas external tools. Some are free, others must be purchased. Virginia Tech's Canvas external tools are categorized here based on broad categories for publisher tools, collaboration tools, multimedia tools, assessment tools, accessibility tools, and tools that didn't fit into those categories. For our main article on external tools, see Canvas - Requesting and Using External Tools (LTI Tools).

Instructors can request new external tools be added to Canvas.

  • Canvas administrators and Virginia Tech's legal, IT security, and software purchasing teams must review external tools before they can be integrated.
  • Only Virginia Tech, not Canvas, can add an external tool to Canvas or to your course site.
  • Not all requests can be fulfilled. 

To be easily integrated with Canvas, external tools should be designed according to the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard. Some companies refer to external tools them as LTI tools. Canvas external tools are considered applications or apps. Canvas and some companies refer to external tools as LTI apps or external apps.

This article covers accessibility tools available in Canvas at Virginia Tech.



Anthology Ally


The Anthology Ally tool in Canvas lets instructors make sure teaching materials are accessible and can be viewed and digested by students with disabilities. Accessibility is required by Virginia Tech (VT Policy 7215) and the U.S. government (Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act). 

See Accessibility Checker for Canvas - How to Use Anthology Ally.

Checking Accessibility with the Accessibility Meter

In Files
  1. Click Files in the Course Navigation Menu.
  2. There will be a column labeled Accessibility.
In Assignments (and anywhere else that uses the Rich Content Editor)

Go to Assignments, Announcements, or any other tool that uses the Rich Content Editor. Anthology Ally will scan and report on the accessibility of files attached in the Rich Content Editor. 

  • The accessibility meter appears before each file.
  • It appears on the preview screen, not the edit screen. 

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EquatIO is multi-platform software for digitizing math and chemistry expressions and equations. 

  • Input math using a text editor, LaTeX, or use handwriting, screenshot, or speech recognition. 
  • Insert math into Microsoft Word, Google Suite tools, and Canvas.
  • Make math accessible! 

See Digital Math - How to Create and Edit Digital Math with EquatIO for full instructions on how to use EquatIO.

Access EquatIO in Canvas

  1. Go to Canvas' Rich Content Editor in the AnnouncementsAssignmentsDiscussionsPagesQuizzes, or Syllabus tools. 
  2. Click the EquatIO icon in the Rich Content Editor.

    Image of the above instructions

  3. The Insert EquatIO Equation window will open, with a limited version of the EquatIO toolbar at the bottom. 

    Image of the above instructions

Use EquatIO

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