Canvas - Navigating Course Materials (for Students)



Canvas is Virginia Tech's learning management system (LMS). Students use Canvas to access learning materials, like assignments, quizzes, feedback, and grades.

  • Official courses are automatically created in students' Canvas accounts.
  • Canvas provides 24-7 support by phone (833-639-7621) and chat (click Help on any Canvas screen).

The Canvas Student Guide has full instructions on using Canvas. These instructions are specific to Virginia Tech. To see other Canvas topics, please see Using Canvas at Virginia Tech (for Students).



Completing Canvas Assignments

Making Accessible Assignments

Creating accessible content supports learner variability and provides access to individuals with disabilities. Virginia Tech recommends our community members check the accessibility of teaching materials to make sure they comply with VT Policy 7215 and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Virginia Tech provides the following resources: 

  1. Speech-to-text and text-to-speech
    1. Read on-screen content aloud: Literacy Software - How to Use Read&Write
      • Read aloud text on your desktop and online.
      • Convert speech to text.
      • Look up words and check grammar.
    2. Read Canvas Pages aloud: How do I use the Microsoft Immersive Reader when viewing a page as a student?
  2. Accessible documents on and offline
    1. Google Workspace for Education documents: Accessibility Checker for Google Suite Documents - How to Use Grackle
      • Check documents for accessibility.
      • Export documents as accessible PDFs.
    2. Microsoft 365 documents: Accessibility Checker – How to Create Accessible Documents with Microsoft Office Products
      • Check documents for accessibility.
      • Convert documents to accessible PDFs.
    3. Canvas course sites: Accessibility Checker for Canvas - How to Use Blackboard Ally
      • Check Canvas files for accessibility & give feedback on how to improve accessibility.
      • Create accessible, alternative formats for student download.
    4. Color contrast: Accessible Technologies – How to Ensure Sufficient Color Contrast in Web Content
      • Check for adequate contrast in MS 365 documents and Canvas and other online content. 
  3. Digital Math
    1. Convert between LaTeX, hand-written equations, printed documents, spoken and typed math and digital math.
    2. Read math in screenshots aloud.

Submitting Assignments

Verifying Submission

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Using Collaboration Tools on Canvas

Use the Collaborations page on the Course Navigation Menu of Canvas to easily collaborate with the students and instructors in the course.

If you've never used Collaborations:

  • Make sure it is listed in the Course Navigation Menu. If you don't see it, go to Settings > Navigation and make sure it is listed in the top list.
  • Make sure you've clicked Authorize near the bottom of the Collaborations page and completed the additional steps to set it up.
  • See below for more instructions on setting up Collaborations. 

Collaborating with Google Apps

  1. Click Collaborations in the Course Navigation Menu and then click Authorize
    Image of the above instructions
  2. Click your account. 
    Image of the above instructions
  3. Click Allow
    Image of the above instructions
  4. You can now begin a Collaboration. Give it a name and description, then add class members. 
    Image of the above instructions

Collaborating with Microsoft 365

  1. Click Collaborations in the Course Navigation Menu and choose Microsoft 365 from the drop down bar. Click Sign In
    Image of the above instructions
  2. Type your full Virginia Tech email address and click Next.
    Image of the above instructions
  3. Enter your Hokies password and click Sign in. Your Hokies password may be different from your PID password. See Changing or Resetting My Password if you need to reset it.
    Image of the above instructions
  4. Go through the steps for two factor authentication if necessary.
  5. You can now begin a Collaboration. Give it a name and description, then add class members by choosing them from the left panel. 
    Image of the above instructions

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Viewing Grades on Canvas

See the Canvas Student Guide - Grades for detailed instructions. 

  • In the middle of the semester, check Calculate based only on graded assignments below your total grade, so Canvas doesn't count the assignments you haven't done yet as 0s. 
  • At the end of the semester, uncheck Calculate based only on graded assignments, so Canvas displays your correct grade. 
    Image of the above instructions

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Getting Help

For instructions on resolving common issues with Canvas, see:

Instructure, the creators of Canvas, provide 24-7 Canvas support, including live chat and a support hotline.

To get Canvas help, click Support on any Canvas screen and choose from help options:

In Canvas, use the new Help Docs button located near the Support button that will provide quick access to a knowledge base located inside Canvas.

Image of the above instructions

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