Exporting a OneNote Notebook


This article describes how to export a OneNote notebook.


There are three versions of OneNote: OneNote App, OneNote for Windows 10, and OneNote on the Web. Because we have OneDrive for Business, only one of these versions, OneNote App, will allow you to export a notebook as a *.onepkg file.

How do I determine which version I have?

OneNote for the Web – You are accessing the application through a browser.

OneNote for Windows 10 – In the Windows Start menu and the application toolbar, it will say “OneNote for Windows 10", or you are using a Mac (though not all features may be present in the Mac version of this application).

OneNote App – In the Windows Start menu it will say “OneNote App”. In the application toolbar it will say, “OneNote”.

Where can I get OneNote App?

When you install Microsoft 365, the OneNote App is installed alongside Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Please see KB0012208 for instructions.

How do I export a notebook in OneNote App?

  1. Open the notebook in OneNote App
  2. Click File

  3. Click Export

  4. Select Notebook

  5. Select OneNote Package (*.onepkg)

  6. Click Export

  7. Export to a location of your choice