Troubleshooting Using Non-Microsoft Applications within Microsoft 365


This article describes what you might see the first time you try to use a non-Microsoft application (i.e., an unmanaged application) within the Microsoft 365 environment.


Unmanaged applications within the Microsoft 365 (M365) environment must go through a 3-step approval process before they can be used within Virginia Tech's M365 environment.

  1. Must be approved for use within Cobblestone.
  2. Must be granted permission for use within the Virginia Tech tenant by an administrator.
  3. Must be granted permission for use within your M365 environment by you 

When you try to use an unmanaged application within the Microsoft 365 environment, you might see the following dialog. Please review the information provided and either Accept or Cancel.

If you choose to accept the risk and grant the permissions to the application, you might then see the following dialog if the item has not been granted access by an administrator.


In order to use this application, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the application is approved within Cobblestone. For help with Cobblestone, here is the Quick Start Guide.
    1. If the application has not been approved, contact Procurement.
  2. Use the information from Cobblestone to fill out a Marketplace App Request.

Once these steps are complete, you will then be able to accept the permissions and use the application within your M365 environment.