Vault Secrets Management Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Secrets Management

The Customer agrees to:

· Use Vault only for storing secrets or managing dynamic credentials. Vault is not to be used as a replacement for general network storage.

· Notify Vault administrators of any potential data leaks or compromise including unreadable wrapping tokens.

· Submit requests for assistance with configuration using the ServiceNow catalog item ( Security -> Secrets Management ).

· Report issues affecting a production application through 4Help

· Ensure they are available to work with DBAA via email, Slack, or Zoom until an issue resolution is found.

DBAA will:

· Address non-emergency requests for configuration changes during normal working hours.

· Make an initial response to issues connecting to Vault, retrieving secrets, or configuration changes needed to correct a production issue within 30 minutes of being notified.

· Announce scheduled downtime on the SAMS calendar

· Post in the #es-vault Slack channel when there is unscheduled downtime

· Continuously monitor the availability of the Vault service and respond to any issues as soon as notified by the monitoring system

· Ensure that snapshots of the Vault data are made hourly and prior to any configuration change, securely store the snapshots, and recover the Vault service using the most recent snapshot should the need arise.