Using SPOT - Guide for Department Administrators and Instructors


Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT) Evaluations are run using Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES), formerly EvaluationKIT, an external tool that is on Canvas. Evaluation results are sent to instructors' and administrators' SPOT area in Canvas. Historical SPOT results were moved to instructors' Personal Files area in Canvas and are stored in the course evaluation data warehouse.

SPOT data is imported from Canvas. If someone is listed as a Teacher in a Canvas site, they will be evaluated in SPOT. Canvas Teacher listings are imported from Banner, but Teachers in Canvas sites can also add other teachers. It doesn't matter if you use Canvas in your classes or not, SPOT data still comes from Canvas.

SPOTs are completely automatic. Instructors and departments do not need to do anything for SPOTs to run. However, some courses are excluded from SPOT per departmental request. For more information on course exclusion, see Fixing Missing Evaluation/Course Excluded from SPOT.

This article covers topics for SPOT Department Administrators and instructors. For student resources, see Using SPOT - Guide for Students



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