Adding an RSS feed to Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams supports RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. RSS feeds can be incorporated into channels if you are an owner of the Team.


Due to the way that Teams Desktop app gets permissions information about connecting to external sites and RSS feeds, it is best to configure the RSS feed using the Web browser version of Teams. If you experience trouble in your browser, ensure that cookies are enabled. Once the RSS feed is established, you can see the feed within either the desktop or web version of Teams.

  1. Log into the web version of Teams.
  2. Navigate to the channel where you want the RSS feed to be published.
  3. Click the ellipsis at the top right corner for channel settings.

  4. Click "Connectors."

  5. RSS should be in the "All" list but if not search "RSS".
  6. Click "Add".

  7. Navigate back to the channel Connectors as in the previous steps.
  8. Click Configure to the right of RSS.

  9. Enter a name for you RSS connection - ex. "Test RSS"
  10. Enter the address of RSS feed - ex.
  11. Digest frequency - ex. every 6 hrs.
  12. Click Save