Sharing PowerPoint Presentations in Virtual Meetings


This article describes how to share PowerPoint presentations in Microsoft Teams Meetings and Webinars using PowerPoint Live, Teams Live Events, and Google Meet. 



Microsoft Teams Meetings and Webinars

Sharing presentations in Teams Meetings and Webinars is done using PowerPoint Live. Once you are in the meeting and you are ready to share your presentation,

  1. Click on the Share Content button in the upper right.

    Click Share Content

  2. Scroll down till you see PowerPoint Live.

    Scroll till you see PowerPoint Live

  3. If you have the presentation already open, click on the presentation. If you do not, click on the appropriate Browse link and find the presentation. 

At this point, anyone in the audience will be seeing the presentation slide. Audience members will have access to the Grid View, View slides in high contrast, and the Translate slides options. With the Grid View option, they can move through the slides independently of the speaker and then sync back when they are ready.

Microsoft Live Events

Sharing presentations in Microsoft Live Events is a two-phase process. The first phase is to queue the presentation while another presenter is speaking. Once that presenter is speaking, you then make your presentation the “live” one, and others will be able to see it.

To queue your presentation

  1. Make sure your presentation is open on your computer.
  2. Click on the Share Content button in the upper right.

    Click Share Content

  3. Scroll till you see the icon representing your presentation
  4. Click on the icon and it will become highlighted.
  5. Click on it again and it will show up in the Content window.

    Click on the Content icon

  6. When you are ready to present, click the Send live button.

    Click Send live

Google Meet

The easiest way to share a PowerPoint presentation within Google Meet is to ensure the presentation is running as a Slide Show before you attempt to share your screen.

  1. Put your PowerPoint presentation into Slide Show mode.
  2. Click the Present Now button.

    Click Present Now

  3. Choose A window.

    Click A window

  4. Select the window with your presentation in it that is called, “PowerPoint Slide Show”.