Creating OneNote Class Notebook Templates


This article describes an option for handling OneNote Class Notebooks using a template notebook design. The OneNote Class Notebook is a great way to create a notebook that stores, disseminates, and organizes information for the students in your class. The notebook provides each student with their own personal workspace, a content library for handouts, and a collaboration space for activities. If you wish to have a notebook that can be used across multiple semesters, here are some steps that should help using a Template notebook.


Installing the Class Notebook Add-in

In order to create a Class Notebook, you need to make sure you have installed the Microsoft Class Notebook Add-in.

  1. Open the OneNote app.
  2. Select the File menu item.
  3. Select the Options item.
  4. Select the Add-ins option.
  5. Class Notebook should be listed as an Active Application Add-in.

    Ensure it is listed with Active Add Ins

  6. If it is listed as an Inactive Application Add-in, select the Go... button.

    Click the Go Button

  7. Check the Class Notebook checkbox.

    Click the Class Notebook checkbox

  8. If you do not see the option, instructions for installing the add-in can be found at Download Installing the OneNote Class Notebook Add-in in Your Organization from Official Microsoft Download Center.
  9. Click OK.

    Click OK

Create a Template Notebook

  1. Open the OneNote app.
  2. Click on the Class Notebook menu item.
  3. Click the Create Class Notebook item.
  4. If required, log in using your VT username and passphrase.
  5. Follow the prompts and configure your notebook, but do NOT add a teacher or student unless you expect them to be present across semesters.
  6. When you are done, click the Create button in the lower right.

Do not create a Class Notebook on your local system, because you

Populate the notebook with the information that you wish to have each semester. Do not add students to the notebook at this time. Only add teachers if they will persist from semester to semester.

Make a Semester Copy

Use OneDrive on the Web to make a semester copy of the template. Do not copy anything to your local file system. Do make sure that the copied file has a unique name and is in the same folder as the template notebook.

  1. Open OneDrive on the Web at and choose the OneDrive app.
  2. Click on My Files.
  3. Browse to the Class Notebooks folder.

    Click on Class Notebooks

  4. Select, do not open, your template notebook.
  5. Click on the ellipsis.

    Click on the vertical ellipsis

  6. Select the Copy To option.

    Click on Copy to

  7. Click the Copy here button.

    Click Copy here

  8. Rename the notebook by clicking on the ellipsis of the new notebook.

    Click on the vertical ellipsis

  9. Click Rename.
  10. Give the notebook a new name in the Rename dialog.
  11. Click Rename.

    Click Rename

All of the content from the template notebook will appear in this new notebook. From here, you can add students and teachers as required.