Understanding Power Automate and Connection Lifetimes


This article describes Power Automate connections and the lifetimes for Power Automate connections to Microsoft and Google products.



Power Automate uses connections to access data from other applications while building flows. Some commonly used connections are SharePoint, SQL Server, Microsoft 365, OneDrive for Business, and Excel – to name a few.

Power Automate connections will expire. They expire based on the token's lifetime. This lifetime will vary by provider. For example, a token issued by Google will be different and have a different lifetime than one issued by Microsoft.

In general, connections are mostly designed to persist indefinitely. However, app developers cannot rely on this as it is not guaranteed.

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Microsoft Lifetime Information

Microsoft has implemented some default lifetimes. These defaults apply to Virginia Tech's Power Automate license. To see more detail about default lifetimes, see Recommendations for conditional access and multi-factor authentication in Microsoft Flow. These default lifetimes are:

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Google Lifetime Information

Google refresh tokens expire when:

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