TimeClock Plus - Touch-Screen Terminal Installation and Setup


TimeClock Plus supports two options for employees to record their time worked each day:

Departments choosing to add new remote terminals or upgrade from existing legacy series remote terminals must follow the steps below to install and activate the new touch-screen terminal(s).

Note:  Departments currently using the older legacy series remote terminals should be aware that they are now "end-of-life" and no longer supported by the vendor; they will still work with TimeClock Plus but there are no longer options for repair or replacement in case of failure.

Part 1 - Installation or Upgrade?

New Terminal Installation

If you have not already acquired a new touch-screen remote terminal contact the Payroll Office at timeclock@vt.edu for ordering assistance.

For a new installation the selected location will need:

Contact NI&S if installation of a new Ethernet port is needed.  Your department network liaison should be able to request an IPv4 address assignment (note that private internal network addresses such as 10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x, etc. are not supported); while DHCP is supported the use of a static IP address is preferred for easier troubleshooting of connectivity issues.

Upgrading an Existing Terminal

If you are upgrading/replacing an existing legacy series terminal the same network connection and IP address can be used (you cannot have both devices connected at the same time).

Part 2 - Device Configuration

In the Device Settings menu configure the following parameters (replace any existing values if different):

Server tab

Network tab

Select "Set network configuration manually" then enter your network information for:

Password tab

When finished touch the OK button to save your changes; if the terminal does not restart automatically touch the Restart button

Part 3 - Remote Terminal Registration

Note: Terminal registration requires that the person performing this action must be a registered User in TimeClock Plus with the appropriate remote terminal management permissions and system access password – this must be provided by the Payroll Office (timeclock@vt.edu) before attempting the following procedure.

After the remote terminal is successfully configured it must be registered with the TimeClock Plus system:

  1. On the terminal Company Selection screen select "Virginia Tech 1" (should be the only one listed) then touch Configure

  2. In the Registration pop-up touch Yes to log in and register the terminal

  3. In the User Authorization screen enter your TimeClock Plus userid and the system access password supplied by the Payroll Office then touch OK (this is not your VT PID password)

  4. You should see the message "The terminal was successfully registered" - touch OK

  5. Touch Set as Default Company and then touch Yes

  6. Touch OK to confirm then Exit

  7. With the company ID highlighted touch Select

  8. Notify the Payroll Office that the new terminal is online - they will notify the system administrators to verify the new terminal configuration and make any necessary adjustments including activation of the magnetic stripe card reader (the card reader is an optional component and is not enabled by default)

Firmware Upgrade

If you receive a firmware upgrade file for the remote terminal(s) perform the following steps to install it:

  1. Format an available USB flash drive in FAT32 format

  2. Copy the supplied firmware file to the flash drive

  3. Power the terminal off (unplug it!)

  4. Insert the USB drive into the USB port on the side of the terminal

  5. Power the terminal back on (plug it in!)

  6. The terminal should prompt "An update file was found on the flash drive.  Do you want to execute it?" - touch Yes to run the firmware update

  7. When the update is complete you should see a prompt to remove the USB drive; the terminal may restart automatically at this point

After restart the terminal should reconnect to the system and be available for use.  If there are any problems after the firmware update contact the Payroll Office for assistance (timeclock@vt.edu).