Installing ANSYS v2023R2


This software requires you to either be on the Virginia Tech campus network or connected to the VPN in order to access the license server. Please ensure you are either on the Virginia Tech network or have installed and enabled the VPN by following the instructions at Downloading, Installing and Connecting to Remote Access VPN in Windows prior to installing and using ANSYS.


  1. Access Network Software and login using your VT Username (PID) and password. Then, click ANSYS Software from the list to expand it. There are three disks that will be necessary to install ANSYS. Begin by clicking ANSYS V2023R2 Windows Disk 1 from the list.
  2. After accepting the licensing terms, make note of the License Server Hostname, which will be used during installation, and then click Download to begin the download.
    Image of the above instructions
  3. When the download completes, repeat this process for ANSYS V2023R2 Windows Disk 2 and ANSYS V2023R2 Windows Disk 3.
  4. Once all three files are downloaded, open your Downloads folder, then right-click ANSYS2023R2_WINX64_Disk1 and click Mount.
    Right click file and click Mount
  5. Scroll down in the window that opens and double-click setup.
    Double click setup to being installation
  6. In the ANSYS Installation Launcher window, click Install ANSYS Products to start the ANSYS installer.
    Click Install Ansys Products
  7. When the installer opens, read through the licensing terms, click I Agree, and then click Next.
  8. Leave the default installation directory and click Next.
  9. For the ANSYS FlexNet port number, leave the default value. Ensure that 1-server is selected, and then enter the license server hostname you obtained in step 2 and click Next.
    Enter license server address
  10. Leave the default installation options and click Next.
  11. On the next screen, leave Yes, automatically configure my interfaces selected and click Next.
    NOTE: If the Yes, automatically configure my interfaces option is **greyed out**, it likely means you are not connected to the Pulse Secure VPN or on a campus network. Instructions for connecting to the VPN can be found at Downloading, Installing and Connecting to Remote Access VPN in Windows.
    Leave default selection
  12. Click Next on the following screen, and then click Next again to start the installation.
  13. During the installation, you will be asked for the location of Disk number two. When this happens, open the File Explorer and click This PC in the left column. Then, right-click the DVD Drive labeled ANSYS2023R2 and click Eject.
    Click This PC, then right click the DVD drive and click Eject
  14. Now, return to your downloads folder, then right-click ANSYS2023R2_WINX64_Disk2 and click Mount to mount Disk two.
    Image of above instructions
  15. Next, go back to the ANSYS Installer and click OK to continue the installation.
    Click OK
  16. When you are asked for Disk number three, repeat steps 13, 14, and 15 for the ANSYS2023R2_WINX64_Disk3 file.
  17. When the installation completes, click Next and then click Exit to close the installer.