What is Jamf?


Jamf is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system that enables Administrators to deploy, configure, and manage Apple devices as well as automate IT administration tasks. Jamf can manage macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices.


How does Jamf work?


Jamf consists of:


The macOS agent checks into the Jamf server at device startup and at 15-minute intervals afterwards, polling for applicable policies. Configuration profiles are deployed instantly through Apple’s push notification service (APNS) as they become in scope to a device.


iOS and tvOS devices check into Jamf once daily and receive configuration changes and software as they come in scope through the APNS.


Communications between the server and the devices are encrypted and no personal information such as browsing history, file contents, and passwords are collected.


How can I use Jamf to manage my devices?


Jamf enables device management with the following:


How do I enroll devices?


Devices can be enrolled through the following methods:


Where can I find Technical Documentation, resources, training materials, etc.?


Technical Documentation and information for Jamf Pro can be found at 



Is in-person or live remote training or assistance available?


Training is available subject to scheduling and availability. It is available for for initial onboarding as well as follow up, and can be customized based on need. You can request training from one of VT Jamf’s Service Administrators by clicking here


The #jamf slack channel or the Jamf User’s Group is also a place where questions can be asked to other VT Jamf users. Service administrators are also available for assistance with any issues or questions.


How can I start using Jamf?


You can get started using Jamf by requesting access through the Service Catalog by clicking here. Pricing and other information is available within the catalog item.