Unified Communications Mobility (EC500)

The Unified Communications Mobility Package allows the use of a smartphone as though it is part of the Virginia Tech telephone network.

"I want to have my office phone and cellular phone linked together, so that I can answer incoming calls on either phone."


Update March 19, 2020: To better support the university in teleworking, NI&S is waiving one-time fees associated with services designed to improve the experience for employees working remotely. The services are described below and can be ordered by logging in to ServiceNow and submitting a request using one of these provided templates.

The UC Mobility Standard package is $20 with no monthly recurring fee.

EC500 and Extending a Call Will Cause Charges to Cellular Plans

A call to your deskphone that is then forwarded to your mobile device via EC500 and Extending a Call will show up as minutes on the deskphone and the mobile device. In other words, any calls forwarded to your cellular phone will count towards allowable minutes on your cell phone provider's plan.

Current Mobility features include:

Extend Call
While on an active call on your desk phone, Extend Call allows you to move that call to your cell phone and seamlessly continue your conversation as though you were still on the university telephone network.
Mobility (also called EC500)
The Mobility feature is an expanded version Extend Call. With Mobility activated on your desk phone, all incoming calls will ring to both your desk phone and your cell phone. Either device can answer the call and appear as your Virginia Tech extension to the outside caller.
Voice Mail Text Notification
Receive a text message on your cell phone when you receive a voice mail at your university extension.

Extending a Call

Extend Call allows you, while on an active call, to ring your cell phone so that you can seamlessly continue your conversation on your cell phone and hang up your desk phone.

  1. Press the Phone button. 
  2. Press the Extend Call call appearance button.  


Moblity (also referred to as EC500) is not a part of the default feature package (it requires the optional Mobility package). It is a feature that will cause both your desk phone and your cell phone to ring simultaneously. The cell phone number linked to Moblity will be set by an administrator.

When Moblity is enabled, you should see a symbol at the top of the phone screen of two green arrows pointing to a cell phone:

  1. Press the Phone button. 
  2. Press the Moblity (EC500) call appearance button. 

To Disable Mobility

Using the phone that is taking the calls (i.e. cell or home phone), call 540-232-0592.

To Enable Mobility

Using the phone that is taking the calls (i.e. cell or home phone), call 540-232-0591.

You must call from the phone that is paired with the desk extension for EC500 to disable or enable forwarding.