Splashtop Remote Desktop FAQ


Splashtop is the CALS IT approved remote desktop product.


All users of Splashtop must be approved by CALS IT and the user must adhere to the policies of acceptable use.  All users will be required to use 2-factor (Two-Step Verification) with their Splashtop account. Note that this is a separate 2-factor service than Virginia Tech’s.

Account Setup

  1. Open the invitation email from Splashtop Remote Support and click on “Accept the invitation from your administrator”.
  2. Create a secure password not used anywhere else.
  3. Login to Splashtop with your pid@vt.edu and password you just created.

    Splashtop installer screen

  4. Click Get Started to begin the Two-Step Verification setup.

    Splashtop enable two-step verification

  5. Verify the Duo Mobile App is installed on your smart phone and click Next.
    (If you do not have the Duo app installed on your phone, click the Duo Mobile link and follow the instructions to download from your app store.)

    Splashtop installer: choose an authenticator app

  6. Launch the Duo app on your phone and add an account. Give the account a name that references Splashtop.
  7. Using your phone, scan the QR code on the Splashtop webpage and click Next.

    Splashtop installer: QR code

  8. Following the instructions, generate a 6-digit code from the Duo app and enter it where prompted. Click Next.
  9. Print the recovery codes and store in a safe place. Enter your cell phone number as backup and click OK.
  10. Click OK to complete the account setup.
  11. You are now logged in to the web console.
  12. In case you 2-factor device is unavailable you can print your recovery codes:
    1. Click on your Name in the top right of the screen and choose account info.
    2. Click on Account Summary.
    3. In the Two-Step Verification click on “View recovery codes”.
    4. Print this page and keep it in a safe place.
  13. Logout of the web console page and proceed to the Install Instructions.

Install Instructions

The Splashtop Business application will allow you to remotely connect to computers you have privileges to access. Install this application on computers from which you will remotely control another computer. You may also remotely connect to a computer from the Splashtop webpage.

  1. Click the appropriate link to download the Splashtop Business application: Splashtop for Windows or Splashtop for Mac.
  2. Launch the downloaded installer and follow the install instructions.
  3. When completed, open Splashtop Business and enter your username (pid@vt.edu) and your Splashtop password.
  4. Provide your 2-factor security code:
    1. Open the Duo app on your phone.
    2. Tap on the key next to your Splashtop entry.
    3. Type the 6-digit code in the Splashtop application and click Verify.

You can also use the recovery codes printed out from the previous step should your second factor device not be available. If you have lost the recovery codes or your second factor device is not working you will need to call Splashtop support at 1-406-610-1631. Splashtop support will help you login and assist in setting up your second factor device again.


To begin controlling a remote system, click on the computer name you want to connect to, or search for the computer name. Click on the monitor icon to connect to a remote computer.

Splashtop menu and example computer

A new window will open with the screen of the remote system. You can now begin working on the remote system. When you are finished with your remote session and want to disconnect, click on the down arrow at the top of the remote session window.

Image of Windows 10 desktop with Splashtop running

Click on the icon on the left hand side of the tool bar, this will disconnect your session.

Image of the Splashtop toolbar