Building an Online Collaborative Space in Teams


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Microsoft has taken an integrated approach to Online Collaborative Spaces with the release of Microsoft Teams.  Microsoft Teams provides a single location for teams to work together, store their files, chat, and meet online.

How to Get Started with Microsoft Teams

Step-by-Step Instructions for creating your first Microsoft Team

  1. Go to the Virginia Tech Microsoft 365 portal.
  2. Log in using your Virginia Tech account.
  3. Click the Teams icon to launch the Microsoft Teams application. Teams also has a desktop client for Mac and Windows that you can install locally to your system. The steps for creating your team are the same whether you use the Teams Web App or the local desktop client.

    Image of the above instructions

  4. Click Join or create team.
  5. From the Suggested Teams page, in the first Create a team box, click Create a team.
  6. In the Create your team window, enter the Team name. Make sure the name is descriptive and easily identifies the purpose of your team.
  7. (Optionally) Enter a description for the new team to further describe its purpose.
  8. For the Privacy setting, you can choose:
    • Private: only team owners can add members
    • Public: anyone in your organization (Virginia Tech) can join
  9. If you already have an existing SharePoint Group for the new team that you are building, you can upgrade it to a Microsoft Team by clicking Create a team using a group set up by you or Virginia Tech.
  10. Click Next.
  11. On the Add Members screen, you can enter the names, email addresses, or the Microsoft 365 accounts for the people, groups, or distribution lists that you would like to add to your team. People automatically receive the Member role when added to a Team.
  12. After every person or group you enter, click Add.
  13. After adding people, decide which people should be added to the Owners role. Members of this role are authorized to manage members and change the configuration settings for the Team. Adding a group or distribution list does not allow this configuration from this screen. We recommend that you make at least one other member of your Team an Owner so they have the ability to manage the team in your absence.
  14. Your new Microsoft Team is now ready to go!

What Can I Do with Microsoft Teams?

The short videos below from Microsoft provide a good general overview. 

Welcome to Teams

Take a quick tour of Microsoft Teams.

Time: 2m 42s


Overview of Teams and Channels

Learn how teams can bring together all the right people, communications, files, and tools.

Time: 1m 26s


Start and Pin Chats

Start 1:1 or group chats or make video and audio calls from a chat.

Time: 1m 02s


Create and Format Posts

Create and format a post or announcement to start a conversation in a channel.

Time: 48s

Join a Teams Meeting

Join a Microsoft Teams meeting from your calendar, or sign in as a guest on the web.

Time: 1m 02s

Filter Your Activity Feed

Filter you feed to show more specific items.

Time: 52s

Collaboration Strategies Using Microsoft Teams

In the section, we will explore some collaboration strategies with Microsoft Teams.