Video Conferencing - Setting Up a Zoom Conferencing Room


Zoom Rooms are a cost-effective, high-quality videoconferencing solution that can be used for business purposes and teaching and learning. Departments can design and set up Zoom video conferencing rooms. Or, Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS) offers a complete video conferencing solution from consultation to equipment ordering and installation. If you want to design or re-design a custom video conferencing room, huddle space, or virtual classroom, TLOS will tailor support to your department's needs.

All Zoom Room video conferencing rooms include:

Custom video conferencing rooms can include:




TLOS will provide departments with as little or as much help as they need, from providing a list of compatible hardware to equipment ordering, installation, and ongoing maintenance and support. 

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Setting Up a Calendar

If you want to schedule the room and the room's videoconference connections, you need to link the Zoom Room software to a unique, dedicated online calendar on Microsoft Exchange. Search for and find out if the conference room has a calendar on the Microsoft Global Address List (GAL).

  1. Install Microsoft Outlook and Configure Microsoft Outlook to Connect to the Virginia Tech Exchange Server (if you haven't already).
  2. Go to the Calendar tab and click New Appointment.
  3. Click Appointment and then, next to Location, click Rooms…
  4. From the Address Book dropdown, choose Global Address List.
  5. Search for your room on that list. If it's there, note the room's E-mail Address.
  6. If it's not there, ask Identity Management Customer Support (IMCS) to register your conference room as a "resource" room on the GAL.
    1. Submit a request to create a new exchange calendar for the room by going to 4Help and clicking on Get Help. In the description, write the room building and number, your department, and that you'd like to add the room to the GAL as a resource room.
    2. After the room is in the GAL, note its email address.

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Purchasing Hardware

We recommend you use Video Conferencing Room - Consultations, Design, and Installation to set up a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

See also: 

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Setting Up the Zoom Room

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Meeting Hosts and Recordings

The person who schedules a meeting in a Zoom Room is the Host of the meeting.

Zoom Room videoconferences can be recorded. Recording can be set up during scheduling or during the meeting. Recordings are saved in Zoom for 30 days. Recordings are copied to Kaltura within one day of the meeting and saved there indefinitely.

If you schedule a recording:

The person who schedules a meeting in a Zoom Room will be the Host in Zoom and will own meeting recordings in both Zoom and Kaltura. 

If you're scheduling a meeting for someone else, you need to get them to delegate to you scheduling permission in Zoom. That way, you can schedule the room on their behalf so they're Host and the recording owner. 

If you record by tapping Record on the Zoom control panel:

If you don't schedule a recording, you can tap the Record button on the Zoom Control Panel to start ad-hoc recording. We don't recommend recording this way, because:

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Getting Help

If you need assistance, contact 4Help by clicking Get Help on the 4Help portal. Write that you need help with setting up your Zoom Room for videoconferencing and click submit. 

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