Sharing a Document Library with External Users


This article demonstrates how to create a SharePoint Online folder in a document library and give access to external users without addresses. You may need to submit a ticket to have this feature enabled by an administrator.


  1. Log in to Microsoft 365 and select the SharePoint icon.
  2. Navigate to your specified SharePoint site.
  3. From your SharePoint Online site, click Documents in the Quick Launch menu.

  4. The Documents folder is displayed. If the folder you wish to share doesn't exist, Click + New.

  5. Click Folder.

  6. Enter a name for your folder and click Create. For example purposes, the name of the folder will be "External Users", but your folder name can be of your choosing.

  7. Select the folder you wish to share in the list of folders found in the Documents view. There will be a check beside the folder you choose.

  8. To share the folder with external users, click Share.

  9. In the Send Link dialog, change the permissions dropdown to Specific people.

  10. Click Apply.

  11. In the To: Name, group or email text box, enter the email address of the external user.

  12. Click Message... and enter a message to the external user, then click Send.

  13. The link is sent to the external user.

  14. The external user logs in to their email client and sees the following email. They click Open.

  15. The external user follows the steps to sign in and is redirected to the SharePoint Online Site.

The external user now has access to the shared External Users folder inside the Documents folder. The SharePoint Online page contains only the items that have been shared to them.

Additional Information

If you encounter some issues while trying to share a file or folder with an external user, please visit Troubleshooting Sharing with External Users in SharePoint (