How do I import a Personal Digital Certificate (PDC) into the Window Certificate store?

Import PDC into Windows Cert Store (Windows 10)

      1. In windows Explorer, double-click on the PDC file.
      2. In the “Welcome to the Certificate Import Wizard” popup, leave the default option of "Current User" as is, click Next.
        PDC Import step 2

      3. In the “File to Import” popup, verify the correct file is selected and click Next.
        PDC Import step 3

      4. In the “Password” popup, enter the generated password displayed when you requested the certificate. Click Next.
        PDC Import step 4

      5. In the “Certificate Store” popup, leave the default option “Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate” as is. Click on Next.
        PDC Import step 5

      6. In the “Completing the Certificate Import Wizard” popup, verify all the information is correct, and then click on Finish.
        PDC Import step 6

      7. You should see a “The Import was successful.” popup. Click OK.

      8. Verify the certificate installed properly (optional.)
        1. Open Internet Explorer.
        2. Click on the gear in the upper right and select Internet Options.
          PDC Import step 8.2

        3. Click on the Content tab and then in the Certificate section the Certificates button.

          PDC Import step 8.3

        4. Click on the Personal tab and verify that a certificate issued to you is in the Personal folder. Click Close.

          PDC Import step 8.4

        5. Click OK or Cancel to exit Internet Options.