DNS Resolver Addresses

Domain Name Service (DNS) resolvers translate domain names (such as www.vt.edu.) that your computer uses and converts them to IP addresses so that you can connect to internet services. Hosts with static IP addresses will need to manually configure these.

Standard DNS Resolvers

Operated by Network Infrastructure and Services

Standard DNS resolvers to use for hosts with static configuration are:

 ISB  yardbird.cns.vt.edu  2001:468:c80:2101:0:100:0:22
 CAS  jeru.cns.vt.edu  2001:468:c80:4101:0:100:0:42
 BUR  milo.cns.vt.edu 2001:468:c80:6101:0:100:0:62

DNS Firewall Resolvers

Non-domain joined computers that would like additional security protections via DNS may use Virginia Tech's DNS Firewall service. This service prevents client computers from communicating with potentially malicious domains, hosts and websites. These servers will be automatically used by hosts configured with DHCP. Refer to the Service Catalogue for more information. Only computers with a Virginia Tech IP address may use these DNS Firewall resolvers:

 ISB  saddlebags.cns.vt.edu 2001:468:c80:2101:0:1e6:300f:251a
CAS   berytidae.cns.vt.edu  2001:468:c80:4101:0:185:da61:5c6c
BUR   tigerbeetle.cns.vt.edu 2001:468:c80:6101:0:163:ffa5:554c

Active Directory (Hokies Domain):

Operated by CCS

Faculty and staff whose computers are a member of the Hokies Domain should use the Active Directory DNS servers.

The Active Directory DNS addresses are: