Classroom Lecture Capture - How to Record Video in a Classroom


Classrooms equipped for lecture capture have microphones, multiple cameras, and are set up to record the content the instructor is presenting. They can record multiple video streams. Scheduled lecture captures are automatically made available in the course's Canvas site. 

Kaltura is Virginia Tech's tool for lecture capture, video recording, and video hosting. Kaltura is a user-friendly, accessible, and technologically advanced lecture capture and video hosting platform. 


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Managing Kaltura Recordings

All Virginia Tech affiliates have access to Kaltura and its My Media and Media Gallery tools. See: 

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Scheduling Lecture Captures

Order Lecture Captures at least 48 hours before the event and/or your preferred recording time. We cannot guarantee orders placed with less than 48 hours notice.

  1. Collect your course's name, CRN, classroom, start and end times, and if possible, the Canvas URL of the course's official site. 
  2. Go to the Connected Classrooms - Classroom Video Conferencing and Lecture Capture request form and make sure your room is equipped for Lecture Capture. 
  3. Fill out and submit the request form. 

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Recording Video in a Connected Classroom 

See Connected Classrooms and look under Classroom Overview and Help to learn how to do the following tasks in a Connected Classroom:

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Finding Migrated Echo360 Recordings

All your Echo360 recordings have been moved to Kaltura's My Media tool in Canvas. See Video Content Management - How to Use My Media and Media Gallery (for Instructors) under Working with Migrated Videos for instructions on how to access and publish them. 

Lecture captures in a site's EchoCenter will appear in the same site's Media Gallery. You can migrate the videos to a new Canvas site. See How do I copy content from another Canvas course using the Course Import tool?

If you linked to Echo360 recordings from Canvas Modules or Pages, the links will stop working. You must re-link to the migrated videos in Kaltura. See Video Content Management - How to Use My Media and Media Gallery (for Instructors) under Re-link in Modules and Re-link in Pages

If you have questions about video management and Canvas, or you can’t find your recordings, go to the 4Help Portal, log in, and click Get Help.

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Getting Help

See Virginia Tech's instructions for Kaltura: 

Submit an incident for technical support:

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