Student Response System - Using iClickers (for Instructors)


Using iClicker in large classes increases student attendance and interaction. 

iClicker is one of two real-time student response systems at Virginia Tech. The other is Top Hat



Comparison of Student Response System (iClicker) / Active Learning Platform (Top Hat)

Feature iClicker Cloud iClicker Classic Top Hat
Instructors present slides in the app  
Instructors can quiz students
Students must purchase remotes    
Students can use mobile devices  
Data stored in the cloud  
Auto-syncs with Canvas (others sync manually)  
Instructors can take attendance based on student device location/GPS  

Please note that iClicker Cloud will be replacing iClicker Classic as the single supported iClicker instructor software for classes starting in January 2024. For more information on the transition, see MacMillan's website.

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iClicker Options

iClicker has two hardware and two software options. We recommend using iClicker Cloud software and student mobile devices.

Instructor Software

Student Response Method

iClicker Cloud  Mobile Devices  Remotes Both
iClicker Classic  Mobile Devices Remotes Both

iClicker Hardware Options

Instructors can collect student response data two ways:

Students Use Mobile Devices

No special hardware instructor hardware needed! 

Students Use Remotes

Instructor base station and student remotes needed!

iClicker Software Options 

iClicker software has two versions, both of which support student responses with remotes, mobile devices, or both.

iClicker Cloud

We recommend iClicker Cloud, because it has: 

iClicker Classic

iClicker Classic runs on an instructor computer or USB drive: 

Please note that iClicker Classic won't be available after Fall 2023. For more information on the transition, see MacMillan's website.


iClicker Cloud 

iClicker Classic

Download software from iClicker  
Download software from Virginia Tech  
Uses base station & student remotes
Uses iClicker online account & student mobile app
Backs up data on the cloud  
Data stored locally   
Upload grades to Canvas after each session  
Sync grades to Canvas automatically 
Detects student location for taking attendance  
Question type: Multiple choice 
Question type: Short answer
Question type: Numeric 
Question type: Target  

System Requirements

Make sure your computer meets the System Requirements from iClicker Support.


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Getting Started

1. Decide on an iClicker Hardware Option 

2. Notify the Virginia Tech Bookstore 

Notify the Virginia Tech Bookstore that you intend to use iClicker remotes in your course. Include:

Inform your department administrator responsible for book orders or notify the bookstore directly: 

3. Have Students Register Devices

Direct students to Student Response System - How to Use iClickers (for Students) for instructions. 


Online Polling & Student Mobile Devices

Base Station Polling & Student Remotes

  • Students download the free iClicker Student mobile app.
  • Students purchase a subscription to register their device.
  • Registering the app links student names to their responses. 
  • Students purchase iClicker remotes at the Virginia Tech bookstore.
  • Students register their remote in Canvas.
  • Registering remotes links student names to their responses. 
Instructors   Direct students to the iClicker Remote Registration site in Canvas to register their iClicker remotes.

4. Decide on a Software Option

For instructions for each option, go to:

Please note that iClicker Classic won't be available after Fall 2023. For more information on the transition, see MacMillan's website.

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Getting Help

MacMillan Learning supports iClicker usage and syncing: 

Canvas supports Canvas Grades: 

For other questions: 

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