Recovering Deleted Items for Exchange Online or Gmail


This article explains how to recover Exchange Online items (email, calendar entries, contacts) that have been deleted from Outlook and what can be done if an email was accidentally deleted - especially from the Trash folder. There is no similar function for Gmail.



For Exchange Online accounts, items are ONLY recoverable by this method and ONLY if they were deleted in the past 30 days. Again, this method is the only available method of recovery for Exchange Online accounts; there is no similar function for VT Gmail accounts. Items do remain in the Trash folder for Gmail for 25 days.

Outlook Web Application (Browser-based)

Log on to Outlook on the Web by following the instructions at Microsoft 365 Mail App (Exchange Online with a Web Browser).

The steps required to recover deleted items can vary based on the version and browser type. To ensure users are getting the most accurate, up-to-date information, they should click on the help icon and search "recover deleted items" in the search bar.

Follow the instructions that are given based on what the given circumstance may be.

Outlook Desktop Client (for Windows)

  1. Start Outlook.
  2. For each Exchange mailbox or folder listed in the left column:
    1. Select the mailbox.
    2. Navigate to the Folder tab.
    3. In the Clean Up group, click the Recover Deleted Items button.

    4. In the window that appears, select any items to be recovered.
    5. Select the Restore Selected Items radio button.

    6. Click Ok. Each recovered item will be restored to the folder from which it was deleted.

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