Error Message During Online PID Generation or Creation


When I try using the online PID generation form to create, get, make, or obtain an ID for Virginia Tech, I get an error message that states, "We could not locate your record in the student record database." or other error message. What is wrong and how do I fix it?


The information you entered does not match the information in the Virginia Tech system.

  1. Verify that you have entered all data accurately. For example, be sure you enter two digits for your birth year, not four.

  2. Do not copy and paste any content into the form, because invisible formatting will also be copied and cause the form to reject your entry. Instead, type each character into the form.

  3. Close and quit all browser windows.

    • To do this in Mac OS:

      1. In any currently open browser window, click once to make it the active window.

      2. On your keyboard, press the Command + Q keys.

  4. Restart your browser.

  5. Try again.