Setting Preferred Displayed Email Address


This article describes how to

It can take anywhere from 24-48 hours for any changes to your alias to take effect.

The address, phone number, and email of new and existing students are suppressed in VT PeopleSearch by default. To change the visibility of your information, follow the instructions at Managing Your Personal Contact Information and Visibility of It at Virginia Tech. This also applies to your email address displayed in Zoom.


  1. If you want to use an email alias as your preferred address, **you must first** follow the instructions at Adding, Creating, and Using Email Aliases. Then, you can continue with these instructions.
  2. Go to the OneCampus Web page.
  3. Near the top-right corner of the page, click Sign In.
  4. From the drop-down that appears, click Sign In.
  5. If prompted, type your VT Username and passphrase and then complete authentication with your second factor.
  6. If the page appears dark with text overlaid, click the page to dismiss the overlaid text.
  7. If any OneCampus announcements pop-up, after reading the text, click the appropriate button to dismiss the pop-up.
  8. To the right of the OneCampus logo, in the What would you like to do? search box, type: account.
  9. On the keyboard, press Enter or Return.
  10. In the Search Results, click Manage Accounts. A new tab or window will appear.
  11. In the left menu column, click Email Services.
  12. Under the VT Google Apps heading, to the right of the email address you want to appear in Virginia Tech PeopleSearch, click Prefer.