Configuring Virginia Tech Gmail for Secondary Applications


This article explains how to check Virginia Tech Gmail through secondary applications like Outlook or mobile apps. It applies if you have the VT Gmail service available to you at Virginia Tech.

Gmail and other Google Web applications are accessed through Virginia Tech's Login Service, enabling access with your Virginia Tech username (PID) and passphrase and using your Virginia Tech 2-factor authentication. To have the best experience and strongest security measures, we strongly recommend accessing Gmail through Google's Web interface or a mobile app (learn more) instead of relying on other applications like Outlook or Mail for MacOS. These applications may still work but will require following additional instructions to create an App Password for each email application. In addition to the additional steps, this method of access circumvents the 2-factor authentication and is less secure.

To access Gmail outside of a browser, it will be necessary to connect the application using an application password. An application password provides a way to connect to your Virginia Tech Gmail using clients that rely on Post Office Protocol (POP) or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) connections.


Configuring Virginia Tech Gmail to Work with POP or IMAP Connections

One common issue that arises is that people make this change on their personal account, not their work account. Please ensure that you are logged into your Virginia Tech Gmail account, not your personal Gmail account, before making the changes below.

  1. Set up Google 2-Step Verification for your account. (Google 2-Step Verification is used by Google to verify your identity using a second factor like a cell phone. Google 2-Step Verification must be activated on your account before you can create an App Password. This is to verify that you have authorized the creation of the App Password. You can learn more about Google 2-Step Verification at Authentication.)
    1. In a Web browser, log on to Virginia Tech Gmail by following the instructions at Accessing Virginia Tech's Gmail in a Browser. Make sure that you are logged into your Virginia Tech Gmail and not your personal Gmail.
    2. Under your account picture and above the date of the first email message, click Settings, which is represented by a gear.

    3. From the drop-down, click See all settings.

    4. To the right of General, click Accounts and Import.

    5. To the right of Change account settings: click Google Account settings.

    6. Click Security on the left side of the window.

    7. Look for the Signing in to Google section and click 2-Step Verification.

    8. Click GET STARTED.

    9. In the text box, type a 10-digit phone number where you can receive a one-time voice phone call or a text message. You will only have to do this one time during this process.

    10. Click either Text message or Phone call corresponding to how you want to complete this one-time setup.

    11. Click NEXT.

    12. On the next page, in the text box, type the six-digit code provided in the text message or phone call you received.
    13. Click NEXT.
    14. Click TURN ON.

  2. For each email client or device, generate and use a separate App Password. Follow these instructions: Sign in with App Passwords. 2-Step Verification must be enabled.
  3. Configure the client using the App Password. (For detailed instructions, see Configuring a Client (such as Outlook) to Access VT Google Apps Mail.)
    1. In your client settings, use a username of and the 16-character password that was displayed. Make sure the username includes "". (Google has provided a common set of instructions at Check Gmail through other email platforms.)
    2. If entering the 16-character password into the client's popup(s) does not work, cancel or close the popups and go to the account settings of the client, and edit the username and password there.
    3. To configure another email client or device, go back and generate a new App Password. 

Video of Instructions

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