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Kaltura is the cloud-based video management system behind My Media and Media Gallery, which are Canvas LTI tools. Note that:

  • Kaltura appears in some places in My Media and Media Gallery and in the company's documentation and user guides.
  • Course Gallery is how you access Media Gallery in Canvas. 

The Kaltura Video App for Canvas User Guide has full instructions on using My Media and Media Gallery. The instructions here are specific to Virginia Tech. To see other Kaltura topics, please click on the guide for your role:



Finding Zoom Cloud Recordings

Any Zoom Meetings or Zoom Webinars you record to the cloud will automatically appear in My Media on Canvas within a few hours of the meeting.

  • If the Zoom Meeting had more than one video stream (video of speaker & video of attendees), you can toggle between different layouts when viewing the recording in Kaltura. 
  • The version of the recording in the Zoom Cloud will be retained for 90 days. The version in My Media will be retained indefinitely if you publish the video to a Canvas course or a channel or collection on So, link and share Kaltura's version. 
  • During times of high demand, Zoom Cloud recordings can take up to two days to appear in My Media. 

For more on Zoom Meeting recordings, see: Video Conferencing - Recording Zoom Meetings.

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FERPA information on class recordings

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits the release of personally identifiable information of a student. Lecture recordings can be tricky because faculty members must ensure that a student(s) personally identifiable information isn't released outside of what FERPA allows. To help ensure adherence to FERPA requirements when using lecture recording:

  • Faculty should not upload recordings of a class session where the students are the focus in anyway in the recording, either by name or by image, to a public site.
  • Faculty who wish to record lectures for use in later semesters may do so by recording the course in such a way that the students' identity in the course is never revealed.
  • Faculty may use recorded lectures that identify a student(s), such as names viewable in a zoom session or student's presenting for a portion of the course, only if they are shared through Canvas ONLY with that course section.

Please visit the Registrar's website on Student Privacy (FERPA) for more information.

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Getting Help

For instructions on resolving common issues with Kaltura, please click on the guide for your role: 

If you need help with My MediaMedia Gallery, or Kaltura in general: 

If you still have questions: 

  • For Kaltura in Canvas or at, go to the 4Help Portal, log in, and click Get Help. Specify where you are having the issue and include the video name, ID, and/or URL if applicable.
  • For questions about intellectual property, contact your department chair or the University Council.
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