Spirion error on macOS 'EndpointService is Damaged and can't be opened'

If after installing Spirion 11.6 on your macOS device, you receive a persistent error message: “EndpointService is demand and can’t be opened’, then follow the instructions below.

Note: An administrator password for your device is required to complete your directions. If you are not an administrator on your device or are not sure, contact your IT support.

To stop the message from appearing:

  1. On your macOS device, open the Terminal application.
  2. At the Terminal prompt, enter the following command: sudo xattr -d com.apple.quarantine /Library/Application\ Support/Identity\ Finder/EndpointService
  3. You will be prompted for the administrator password. Enter the password and then press the return key on your keyboard. Note that no characters (letters or numbers) will display as you type, this is normal.
  4. If the password is accepted, restart your device. If the password is not accepted, you should contact your IT support.