COE - Information: Google File Ownership/Management Scheme



Read this section if you do not understand Google file ownership and management schemes.

File ownership and management are alluded to throughout these guides. You may find yourself confused about file ownership and management. Ownership/Managership of files is different depending on whether you are in My Drive, Shared Drives, or Shared with me files.



My Drive Ownership

  • Ownership of files in My Drive is based on the concept of a single individual being the ‘owner’ of a file, and being able to share the file with others, giving them ‘lesser’ roles than ‘Owner.’
  • Permissions options in My Drive: Owner/Editor/Commenter/Viewer.


Shared Drive 'Management' roles


'Shared with me' File Ownership

  • Files can be ‘Shared with’ you from either another user’s My Drive or from a Shared Drive so permissions in here can be any combination of the above.


Special Cases

  • Some files have limited permissions. For example, a Google Form can only have an Owner/Editor.


What does all this MEAN to you?

  • You may need to carefully determine which files you need. Files you do not own can be deleted by their owners without your knowledge!
  • Files with multiple users with the manager role can be deleted, or your access can be removed by OTHER managers, even if YOU are a manager!
  • Some roles can download the files. Some cannot.