Graduate School Tutorial -- Get your VT Personal Digital Certificate

The following video is a brief guide to getting and installing a Virginia Tech issued Personal Digital Certificate. You will be able to use this certificate to digitally sign PDF documents with your unique electronic imprimatur in lieu of a pen and ink signature.



Quick Guide:

Windows Steps to Download and Install Virginia Tech Personal Digital Certificate


  1. Open a web browser and type in the following web link in the Address Bar:

  2. Login with your PID and password, and complete the DUO two-factor challenge.

  3. Locate the "InCommon Personal Digital Certificates" block of text at the bottom of the Certificate page of the Certificate Manager and click anywhere in the block of text to start the request process.

  4. Agree to Virginia Tech's Terms of Use Agreement by clicking on the check box and click on the button labeled "Request PDC".

  5. Refresh web page until line with a Status of "APPROVED" changes to “FULFILLED”.

  6. Click on the ACTION button and click on the “PKCS#12 Keypair” link to download the PDC file to your computer.

  7. Highlight and copy the keypair password to your clipboard.

  8. Click on the downloaded file to open it with the default Windows application.

  9. The Windows Certificate Import Wizard will launch.

  10. Click 'Next' to accept the default Store Location.

  11. Click 'Next' to accept the downloaded PDC file as the source.

  12. Click in the Password box and press Ctrl-V or right click and select Paste to enter the password.

  13. Click 'Next' to proceed, and click 'Next' to allow the wizard to automatically place the certificate.

  14. Click Finish to complete the process and OK to confirm the successful installation of your Virginia Tech Personal Digital Certificate.

Be sure to log out of the Certificate Manager when you are done.