Zoom Phone Guide


Virginia Tech is in the process of replacing the Avaya phone system with Zoom's phone and call center to meet the university's needs and objectives. This document provides helpful links and resources for both users and admin on how to set up and use Zoom Phone.



Zoom Phone Application Installation Procedure for Mac Users

  1. Download and launch the installer. 
  2. Continue clicking through the installer to the Installation Type screen. 
  3. Click the Change Install Location button.
  4. Select Install for me only and click Continue. Note: this is the most important step. You will not be able to update the software yourself if you choose any option other than Install for me only. 
  5. Continue installation as normal.

Virginia Tech Zoom Self-Service

Use Virginia Tech's Zoom log-in to join or host a video conference, or sign in with your Virginia Tech Username (PID) and password to configure your Zoom account.

Getting Started with Zoom Phone (for Users)

Zoom's Getting Started page serves as a quick start guide that introduces Zoom Phone's features and walks you through how to set it up.

How to Use Zoom Phone

Zoom provides how-to guides about Zoom Phone's different features like sending and receiving SMS and changing voicemail greetings.

Emergency Calling with Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone utilizes E911 for emergency calls. When making an E911 call, the appropriate dispatch service receives your location information and will direct responders to you. When calling from a wired/wireless VT network location on Zoom Phone, your emergency address will be automatically identified and relayed to 911 dispatchers. See the Emergency Calling with Zoom Phone knowledge base article for more details.

Setting up an Emergency Address in Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone allows you to take your university phone number with you. When you dial 911, first responders need to be able to report to the correct location. This Emergency Address must be set up by the user when starting to use Zoom Phone. Please take a moment to set your Emergency Address to your building location address if working on campus and your Personal Emergency Address, if working from off campus. See the Setting up Zoom Emergency Locations knowledge base article and Zoom's Managing Emergency Location and Addresses article for more details.

Saving Avaya Voicemail Messages

If you want to save existing voicemails on the Avaya system, you will need to submit a ServiceNow ticket by clicking Get Help on the 4Help portal and follow the procedures in the Saving Avaya Voicemail Message Using Zoom Phone knowledgebase article.

Zoom Learning Center

The Zoom Learning Center contains dozens of e-learning courses that you can enroll in with your Zoom account to further familiarize yourself with the phone and call center's features.

Voice Service Migration FAQs

The NI&S Voice Service Migration FAQ contains frequently asked questions about the migration to Zoom Phone, desk phones, contact center information, settings and call handling features, billing and cost information, and more.

Zoom Phone Migration Application

NI&S is in the process of migrating voice services from the existing Avaya phone system to the Zoom phone system. To ensure all of the correct information is gathered from departments, departmental service managers will need to review their current voice services in the NI&S Customer Portal Zoom Phone Migration application and take the steps outlined.