Migrating Files from a Shared Drive to Teams


This article provides a method for migrating data from a Google shared drive to a Microsoft team in Teams.  

Google will attempt to convert files (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.) from the native Google format to a native Microsoft format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). This conversion may generate problems within the downloaded file format or contents. It is recommended to keep a copy of the original file until the downloaded version’s integrity is confirmed. If no conversion is available (i.e., Forms and Slides), Google will not provide a download option.  If you select multiple files, and there is no conversion available for a specific file, it will not be downloaded. 

If you have many files to download, this method can take significant time, computer resources, and network bandwidth. If your computer powers down, goes to sleep, or hibernates during the process, data may be lost, incorrectly downloaded, or not downloaded at all. It is recommended to download files in small batches. 


There is no direct way to migrate files from a shared drive to a team. However, when a team is created, a SharePoint Online site is also created where the files are actually stored. Therefore, we recommend using the instructions at Migrating Files from a Shared Drive to SharePoint Online.

If you transfer to the General folder within SharePoint Online Documents library, then the files migrated will be available in the General channel/Files tab within the team. You can transfer to other channels as well. Just look for the folder with the same name as the channel within your Documents library.