Avaya Agent 2.0.6 Upgrade and Server Configuration Information

Avaya Agent 2.0.6 Software Upgrade Instructions


  1. Close Agent Software
  2. Run the new Agent installer software
  3. Click "Ok" when it tells you that the config file is corrupted
  4. Select Language and press the Next button
  5. Select "I agree" and press the Next button.
  6. Press the Check button next to the WebLM server box. (If that box is blank, the correct address is
  7. Once the server check finishes, select "Advanced/Standalone" and press the Next button.
  8. Press the Launch button.
  9. If you have a set of boxes above Station and Agent in the Avaya Agent Login window, type any gibberish in the Name box for the up-most box and attempt to sign in. It will complain and then offer to let you sign in using the local config. Please sign in using the local config.
  10. Your agent password will likely not work. Press Sign in All.
  11. In the Avaya Agent for Desktop window, press the feature button (this looks like a bunch of underscores followed by a period, with three lines worth of characters)
    This image shows the location of the "Features" button of the Avaya Agent for Desktop window. It is the third button from the left under the box for Line 1.
  12. Press the Agent Login button on the Feature Buttons tab.
  13. Type your login user name and press the checkmark button, pressing <Enter> will not work.
  14. Type your password and then press the checkmark button.
  15. Log the agent out of the Avaya Agent software
  16. Log the station out.
  17. In the Avaya Agent Login window, click the gear in the lower left corner.
    This is the Avaya Agent Login Window.
  18. Change the Primary SIP Proxy Address to isb-connect.uc.vt.edu  - the port should remain 5061.
  19. Delete the Secondary SIP Proxy Address if it is there.
  20. Now go to Security on the left hand side. 
    This is the Avaya Agent Settings window.
  21. Under Third-Party Certification, select Use Local. 
  22. Click the Plus button in the Certificates section and add the TrustChainGD.pem and TrustChain-InCommon.pem files. (If you did not already obtain this file it is downloadable from https://dev.portal.cloud.nis.vt.edu/#/downloads/avaya)
  23. Click the Save button.
  24. Restart the Agent software and it should be ready to use with the new servers.