Finding Alternatives to Google Auxiliary Email Accounts


Google Auxiliary Email (GAE) accounts are being phased out at Virginia Tech. This article describes some common use cases for Google Auxiliary Email (GAE) accounts and potential alternatives. If you need further assistance with understanding your use case or its alternative, please request a consultation with Collaborative Computing Solutions (CCS) at CCS General Services Consultation (


Here are some available alternatives to GAEs at Virginia Tech

How each alternative maps to a potential use case.

Use Case for GAE Description Possible Alternatives
Collaborative Communication Ability for people to communicate with each other Teams
    VT Slack Workspace
    Google Groups
    VT Shared Mailbox (PACE)
Distribution Lists/Departmental Emails Ability to communicate one way with multiple people Google Groups
    Microsoft 365 Groups
    VT Shared Mailbox (PACE)
Collaboration with Calendaring Ability for people to communicate, plan, and manage important dates with each other Teams
    VT Shared Mailbox (PACE)
Collaborative File Storage Ability for multiple people to store and access documents SharePoint
Departmental Calendaring Single place to display and manage a group's events VT Shared Mailbox (PACE)
Delegated Email Email managed by and tracking of one or more individuals sending "On behalf of" a department, program, or official VT club VT Shared Mailbox (PACE)
Accounts with Automated Workflows Google power apps, integrated scripts, or automated workflows that require being associated with an account Power Apps
    Google shared drives where applicable
Manage Shared Drives Using GAEs as a resource account with manager role for shared drive(s) Use a Google group instead to act as a security group for shared access/permissions