Understanding Power BI Licenses


This article describes


License Offerings

Power BI License Offering A1  A3  A5 
Standard Yes  Yes No
Pro No  No Yes

As part of our A1 and A3 offerings, Virginia Tech will assign you access to the Power BI Standard license for students and faculty.


Users with the Power BI Standard (free) license can download the Desktop Client, upload reports, and have access to all filters and dynamic report bells and whistles.

Those with this license have full access to their own workspace, however, they are restricted from accessing shared workspaces. A user with only the Standard license can be given access to any workspace, but only when he/she uses the link. Once the link is used, a message will appear inviting them to upgrade to Pro or access a free 30-day trial of the Pro license.

Sharing Reports with Users with Standard Licenses

Here are some ways you, as a Pro license user, can share the report to those with Standard licenses.
Please note some of the caveats with each option:

The following options listed below will not work for sharing with users that do not have the Pro license:

For more information about the differences in the offered versions, please visit this Microsoft documentation page.