Transfering Ownership of a GAE (Google Auxiliary Email) Account

**NOTICE** As of May 10, 2023 there will be no more creation of GAE accounts!

Use this link for a list of alternatives:[%E2%80%A6]ws&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=vtUnirelNewsDailyCMP_050823-fs



This article describes how to transfer ownership of a Google Auxiliary Email (GAE) to a delegate.


If the primary GAE owner is unable to serve as such, he or she may request a transfer of ownership to a GAE delegate to maintain business continuity. The owner should request the GAE Ownership Transfer service and fill out the form that follows. 4Help will then contact the current and new owner to coordinate the transfer and send instructions for changing the GAE password via VT Account Manager to the new owner.

If the primary GAE owner is unable, through termination or infirmity, to make the request, the department head may request that the account be transferred to an active employee in his or her department, or request that the account be deleted. These requests are routed to the deputy Chief Information Officer for approval, and then back to 4Help to follow up with the new primary owner if one is created. If the account is deleted, the name becomes available for use as an alias or new GAE account.

For more information on GAE accounts, see the GAE (Google Auxiliary Email) Account service catalog item.