Customer Portal Access Control

The User Role App in the NI&S Customer portal is used to manage role access for certain things, such as viewing monthly invoices, submitting service requests, and updating users associated with active services. Below, you will find each individual role and its description, as well as how to assign new roles to different users.


Customer Roles


Each role has access to specific applications.  Below are instructions to view the apps and which roles have access to them. 


To view what each role has access to: 

  1. Log into the NI&S Portal
  2. On the dashboard screen, click on the toggle button that says “Show all applications for all roles.” This will list all of the apps and what roles can see them.



To add new role assignments:


  1. In the left hand menu, click on Accounts
  2. Click on User Roles under “Accounts”
  3. Click + New Role Assignment

  4. Enter the account and search for the user
    • Note: the main page (first image) shows a list of users as well. If you see a user there that you would like to assign roles to, click the blue arrow to the right and follow the steps below.Once the user is found, check off each role that you would like to add 
  5. Click SAVE


To Remove a User From a Role:


  1. Click on Accounts
  2. Click on User Roles Below “Accounts"

  3. Click on the box to populate next to the user you want to remove in a role or roles
  4. Click on the box that appears to delete the user
  5. A message will appear at the bottom of the screen confirming that the user has been removed